Why Choose Ravand?

Simply because at Ravand we go above and beyond to provide you with a world-class web hosting service that you truly deserve. Our internationally renowned dedicated, colocation, shared hosting, and other web hosting services are available to you with the highest quality and lowest downtime. Ravand hosting service is not comparable with any other hosting provider in Canada because we offer you some unique advantages that you will not find anywhere else!

  • Ravand Hosting System – For its dedicated, colocation, and shared web hosting services, Ravand has implemented a complete hosting system, which means there is a cluster of designated hosting servers that are available as backup servers. This way you can rest assured that your hosting services will always be up and running, and if anything happens to your servers we have you covered! For this purpose we have assigned different servers for different purposes, e.g. we have a dedicated Mail Server, dedicated MS SQL DB Server, separated dedicated DNS Servers, dedicated MySQL DB server, dedicated Statistics Server and finally dedicated Web and FTP servers.

    What does this mean? If a single server such as a ‘statistics server’ becomes unavailable due to a technical issue or any other reason, your services will still remain unaffected, since our backup servers jump in to save the day. However most other web hosting providers set up all services associated with each customer to only one server. When one service (like Web Service) takes up 100% CPU usage, all other services including Email Services become unavailable.

  • Unique Features – As a way to remain one of the leaders in the web hosting industry, Ravand constantly upgrades it's web hosting services to the latest world standards, and offers only the most advanced software available in the market such as Rockliffe Mailsite & Deepmetrix Livestats. In addition, as one of our valued clients, you will have access to other incredible features like Mult-Lingual which includes English, French, German, Chinese and many more languages, Employee Management system, Company Signature and customized webmail with customizable logos.

  • Physical Ownership - Ravand is one of the very few web hosting companies in Canada that own their own fully operational data centers equipped with the most advanced security system, servers, and cooling system. So we are not limited to remote server management, and our support team is on site to maintain our servers and resolve any issue as quickly as possible. This provides you with greater reliability and peace of mind.

  • Network Security - Because we run our own data centers, we have placed all of our hosting servers on a secure dedicated network. This means that we do not share the network with any other web hosting company, and all of the servers in our hosting network are fully managed servers, making it extremely secure as they firmly stand in the way of intruders from attacking the network from inside. Unlike Ravand, most other web hosting providers rent their servers from third-party companies, which means their servers are on a open network shared with other web hosting providers. As a result, those servers and the sensitive information stored on them are in a very vulnerable position as they are subject to cyber attacks.

  • 128 SSL Enabled webmail and control panel – Ravand’s Webmail service and all of our control panels are strongly protected by SSL technology. So you can rest assured that nobody would ever be able to steal your sensitive information while they are being transferred between your browser and our servers.

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