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SmarterMail: Convert your existing mail server to SmarterMail and experience the freedom that stability brings. SmarterMail was built from the start with hosting companies and ISPs in mind.

  • 2 hours license activation
  • 12 Month Major and Minor Upgrade Protection with all new licenses
  • Product Retail Ravand  
    Professional Edition 11.xx - 250 Mailbox $284.05$255.65
    Professional Edition 11.xx - 500 Mailbox $474.05$426.65
    Professional Edition 11.xx - 1000 Mailbox $664.05$597.65
    Professional Edition 11.xx - 2000 Mailbox $854.05$768.65
    Professional Edition 11.xx - Unlimited Mailbox $1044.05$939.65
    Enterprise Edition 11.xx - 250 Mailbox $474.05$426.65
    Enterprise Edition 11.xx - 500 Mailbox $664.05$597.65
    Enterprise Edition 11.xx - 1000 Mailbox $854.05$768.65
    Enterprise Edition 11.xx - 2000 Mailbox $1044.05$939.65
    Enterprise Edition 11.xx - Unlimited Mailbox $1329.05$1196.15

    SmarterStats: Provide your clients with unparalleled statistics and reporting of their web site activity. A distributed architecture avoids the hidden costs the competition requires.
    Product Retail Ravand  
    Professional Edition 7.x - 50 Sites$284.05$255.65
    Professional Edition 7.x - 250 Sites$474.05$426.65
    Professional Edition 7.x - 1000 Sites$854.05$768.65
    Professional Edition 7.x - 2500 Sites$1614.05$1452.65
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 50 Sites$474.05$426.65
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 250 Sites$949.05$854.15
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 1000 Sites$1424.05$1281.65
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 2500 Sites$2089.05$1880.15
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 5000 Sites$2849.05$2564.15
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 10000 Sites$4749.05$4274.15
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 20000 Sites$7599.05$6839.15
    Enterprise Edition 7.x - 30000 Sites$9499.05$8549.15

    SmarterTrack: Take control of your support department with advanced ticket tracking. Full management and reporting features ensure that you provide the best service possible!
    Product Retail Ravand  
    Professional Edition 8.x - 2 Agents$189.05$170.15
    Professional Edition 8.x - 5 Agents$379.05$341.15
    Professional Edition 8.x - 10 Agents$664.05$597.65
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 5 Agents$569.05$512.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 10 Agents$949.05$854.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 15 Agents$1234.05$1110.65
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 25 Agents$1709.05$1538.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 50 Agents$2849.05$2564.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 100 Agents$3799.05$3419.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 200 Agents$4749.05$4274.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 300 Agents$5699.05$5129.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 400 Agents$6174.05$5556.65
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 500 Agents$6649.05$5984.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 600 Agents$7124.05$6411.65
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 700 Agents$7599.05$6839.15
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 800 Agents$8074.05$7266.65
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 900 Agents$8549.05$7480.40
    Enterprise Edition 8.x - 1000 Agents$9024.05$7694.15

    Hosting Controller

    Hosting Controller Windows Control Panel: Hosting Controller is a complete array of Web hosting automation tools for the Windows Server family platform.
    Product Retail Ravand  
    HC Upgrade from v6 or V7 to v8 (Unlimited Domain)$236.55$217.55
    Hosting Controller Win Unlimited Domain v8$475.00$417.05
    Hosting Controller Win 250 Domain v8$379.05$331.55
    Hosting Controller Win 100 Domain v8$236.55$208.05
    Hosting Controller Win (For Mail/DNS/DB on Remote)$71.25$56.05

    Gene 6 FTP Server

    Gene6 FTP Server is a professional Windows Secure FTP Server featuring speed, reliability and customization. Its main assets are remote administration, encrypted (SSL) connection and ease of use.
    Product Retail Ravand  
    Standard: 1 License$56.95$51.26
    Professional: 1 License$132.95$191.85

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