Frequently Asked Questions

    General Inquiries

  1. Can I access my website without the www.?
  2. Do you host all top level domain names worldwide?
  3. Does Ravand offer an E-Commerce solution?
  4. How fast is Ravand's network?
  5. Which payment methods do you accept?
  6. Will you place advertisements on my site?
  7. How should I change my hosting company to Ravand ?

  8. Domain name registration

  9. Who should be the administrative contact?
  10. Who should be the technical contact?
  11. Who should be the billing contact?
  12. How long before my newly registered domain is available on the Internet?
  13. Do I have to purchase a hosting plan along with my domain name?
  14. Who owns my domain name?
  15. Your company owns a domain I wish to purchase. Would you be willing to sell it?
  16. I know a domain is getting expired, how many days after expiration I can register the domain ?

  17. Web hosting

  18. Can I host more than one domain on a hosting plan?
  19. How do I upload the files to my web space?
  20. Where do I get my FTP login information?
  21. What directories I am supposed to see once I am connected to my web space?
  22. What should I name my main page?
  23. How do I cancel my webhosting?
  24. Where is my Billing Control Panel?
  25. What is the Billing Control Panel for?
  26. How do I change the domain name I have hosted?
  27. How do I upgrade or downgrade my hosting account?
  28. What type of OS (Operating System) is my web hosting account hosted on?
  29. What version of Windows IIS are your web hosting servers using?
  30. How do I install my MS Front Page 2000 Server Extension on my account thru my Control panel?
  31. What component can be used to send an email from ASP application?
  32. I have lost all of my emails in my computer, can I get a backup from them ?
  33. I use CDONTS on my site, but it does not work on your server.
  34. How do I set up SQL Snapshot Replication?

  35. Domain transfer

  36. What is a registrar transfer?
  37. What happens when I submit a registrar transfer?
  38. Will I be charged a transfer fee if I transfer a domain name from another registrar (e.g. Network Solutions or
  39. Will I be charged a transfer fee if I transfer a domain name from Ravand to another registrar (e.g. Network Solutions or
  40. How long does it take to transfer a domain name from another registrar?
  41. Where do I find the online registrar transfer web page on your web site?
  42. I am trying to resubmit my transfer, but I am getting an error. What is happening?
  43. If I transfer my domain, will I still receive the free Ravand features?
  44. How do I transfer ownership of my domain to another party?
  45. Do I need to do a registrar transfer to change the ownership of a domain name?

  46. DNS Control Panel

  47. What is the DNS Control Panel?
  48. What is an address record?
  49. What is a mail record?
  50. Can the address field for the mail record contain an IP address?
  51. I have in the address field of my mail record, but I am not receiving my mail. What is wrong?
  52. How long does it take for the DNS Control Panel to update?
  53. It has been more than 72 hours and my changes have not take effect. What is wrong?
  54. Do I have to enter in URL Forwarding records in the DNS Control Panel?

  55. URL forwarding

  56. What is URL forwarding?
  57. How long does it take for URL forwarding to be activated?
  58. What is the URL Redirect option located in the URL Forwarding section?
  59. How do I set up my URL forwarding?
  60. Does Ravand place banner ads or pop-ups on URL forwarding?
  61. Can I use URL forwarding if the DNS are not Ravand's?

  62. WHOIS

  63. What is the WHOIS?
  64. How often does Ravand update its WHOIS server?
  65. Is WHOIS server updated real-time?
  66. Can my WHOIS information be hidden from the public?

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